Department of Biotechnology

Assoc. Prof. Tomasz Pniewski

phone: (+48) 61 65 50 251


The Department of Biotechnology includes two teams: Bioengineering Team and Cereal Phenotyping and Genotyping Team.

The Bioengineering Team conducts research within areas of biofarming and bioenergy. In the first area, the research is focused on the production of virus- and capsid-like particles in plant expression systems as components of oral and injectable vaccines, protein carriers for epitopes of various antigens and components of bionanoparticles. The research in the field of bioenergetics includes: studies on the biological background of yielding of energy grasses of the Miscanthus genus, including resistance to abiotic stresses, and the use of Miscanthus biomass for the production of biofuels and bioproducts, including the use of genetic modification.


The Phenotyping and Grain Genotyping Group conducts research aimed at understanding the molecular basis of the variability of phenotypic traits of utility importance in barley, wheat and legumes. There are studied mechanisms which determine plant response to stress conditions at transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic level. There are investigated technological features of the grain, pleiotropic effects of semi-dwarf genes, and markers for important agronomic traits, including resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.


Bioengineering Team
Leader: Assoc. Prof. Tomasz Pniewski
Cereal Phenotyping and Genotyping Team
Leader: Assoc. Prof. Aneta Kuczyńska