Plant Biotechnology Team

Prof. Tomasz Pniewski
Post-doctoral degree Katarzyna Głowacka
Joanna Cerazy-Waliszewska, PhD Eng.
Karolina Sobańska, PhD
Hanna Pudelska, MSc Eng.
Martyna Przewoźnik, MSc Eng. (PhD student)
Katarzyna Beczek
The research field of the team is genetic engineering of plants. Obtaining biophramaceuticals in transgenic plants is the predominant topic. The main project is a preventive vaccine against Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), also undergoing research involves a therapeutic vaccine against chronic hepatitis B, a bivalent anti-HBV/HIV vaccine and exploitation of VLPs and CLPs as carriers for immunogenic epitopes.
Additional research field concernes genetic modification of Miscanthus sp. towards the alteration of carbohydrates content as well as the composition and structure of cell walls to increase efficiency of bioethanol production from lignic-cellulose biomass.

Research profile

  • Production of antigenic proteins in plants.
  • Plant material processing toward oral and injection formulas of vaccines.
  • Development of effective methodology of oral and injection-oral immunisation.
  • Utilisation of VLPs and CLPs as carriers for immunogenic epitopes.
  • Development of methods of transformation and regenetration of Miscanthus.
  • Obtaining of transgenic Miscanthus with altered biomass traits.


  • DNA in vitro recombination techniques,
  • Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation,
  • in vitro plant tissuecultures,
  • protein analyses,
  • analyses of immune response.

Current research activities

  • Processing of plant material containing S-HBsAg toward oral and injection formulas of anti-HBV vaccines.
  • Development of effective immunisation against HBV by injection-oral pattern using lyophilised plant tissue.
  • Processing of plant material containing fusion antigen PE-SHBsAg towards a prototype oral bivalent vaccine.
  • Development of Miscanthus transformation and regeneration methods.
  • Modification of cell wall composition and structure of model plants.

Selected papers