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Department of Environmental Stress Biology

Department of Environmental Stress Biology


Assoc. Prof. Arkadiusz Kosmala

phone: (+48) 61 65 50 285

The Department comprises 2 Research Teams: Regulation of Gene Expression and Cytogenetics and Molecular Physiology of Plants. Research concentrates on mechanisms of plant adaptation to changing environmental conditions during the vegetative and generative phase of growth. The main aim of the studies is to understand the molecular and physiological basis of plant adaptation mechanisms  to low temperature and water scarcity. In parallel, genetic grounds of the efficiency in the uptake and utilization of water and minerals by such crops as wheat, barley, pea are analysed.

Integrated research at the level of physiological, biochemical, genetic and molecular level is conducted with its scope covering:

  • signal transduction pathways,
  • identification of genes functioning at different stages of plant response to stress factor based on the transcriptome and proteome analysis and using of mutants corresponding to the genes,
  • mechanisms of transcriptional regulators activation and expression of their target genes, determination of protein-protein and protein-DNA function in vitro and in planta,
  • identification of stress responsive genes in plant chromosomes, regulation of gene expression at the level of chromatine complex,
  • physiological aspects of stress response: changes in osmotic potential, stomatal and hydraulic conductance, photosynthetic rate.