Department of Genomics

Prof. Bogdan Wolko

phone: (+48) 61 65 50 225


The Department of Genomics comprises three research teams interested in genome organization of legumes and cereals. Gene Structure and Function Team research includes comparative analyses of lupin genomes at the level of DNA sequence and chromosomes as well as transcriptomes, aimed at reconstruction of evolutionary changes and phylogeny of the genus Lupinus; comparative bioinformatic analyses concerning genome synteny of the narrow-leafed lupin and other legumes; construction and saturation of genetic maps; analyses of genes and genome regions connected with agricultural traits in lupin crops. Furthermore, genetic background of flowering induction as well as expression of genes involved in plant resistance to pathogens in lupins are also analyzed. Molecular markers, linked with some agricultural traits, are being generated for the use in lupin breeding programs. Legume Comparative Genomics Team works on phenotype and molecular characteristics of Lupinus, Pisum and Lathyrus genetic resources, genetic background of selected agricultural traits of lupins and pea, physiological traits connected with genotype-environment interaction in narrow-leafed lupin and pea as well as transcriptome profiling of some agricultural traits in Lupinus genus. The aim of research is to determine dependence of seed yield quantity and quality from physiological processes, then to find possibilities to improve resistance of cultivars to pathogens in diverse environmental conditions. Cereal Genomics Team conducts research on theoretical and practical aspects of interspecific and intergeneric hybrids as well as substitution, translocation and introgression lines within Triticum, X Triticosecale and Secale. The goal of research is to resolve genome organization, to karyotype and to reveal mechanisms of chromosome translocation induction. Furthermore, the aim of work is to extend genetic variation and to transfer new, valuable genes to improve the quality of yield and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Gene Structure and Function Team
Leader: Post-doctoral degree Michał Książkiewicz
Legume Comparative Genomics Team
Leader: Prof. Wojciech Święcicki
Cereal Genomics Team
Leader: Prof. Halina Wiśniewska