Plant Nanotechnology Team


Dibyendu Mondal, PhD



Leonard Kiirika, PhD (senior researcher - 02)
Veeresh Lokesh, PhD (postdoc)
Meena Bisht, PhD (postdoc)
Matam Pradeep, PhD (postdoc)
Natalia Krówczyńska, MSc (lab Manager)
Marta Gloger, MSc (PR specialist)


Research profile

The main focus of this team is to develop next generation eco-friendly and low-cost nano-formulation(s) and carry out the fundamental as well as applied research on nanotechnology-based sustainable agricultural envisaging improved plant productivity and enhanced plant protection.

  • Development and scaling-up of nano-formulation for fertilizer, disinfectants, seed coating etc. applications.
  • Sustained and controlled delivery of nano-fertilizers to plant
  • Application of OMICS, molecular and biochemical approaches to plant-nanomaterial interactions.
  • Plant growth, crop yield & quality monitoring and life cycle assessment



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Selected papers

  • R. A. Sequeira, D. Mondal*, K.Prasad. Neoteric solvents based blue biorefinery: Fuels, chemicals and functional materials from Oceanic biomass. Green Chemistry, 2021, 10.1039/D1GC03184H
  • H. M. Manohara, S. S Nayak, G. Franklin, S. K. Nataraj and D. Mondal*. Progress in marine derived renewable functional materials and biochar for sustainable water purification. Green Chemistry, 2021, 10.1039/D1GC03054J
  • H. M. Manohara, S. K. Nataraj and D. Mondal*. Bioinspired engineering protein nanofibrils-based multilayered self-cleaning membranes for universal water purification. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, Article in press (HAZMAT_127561)
  • M. Sharma, D. Mondal, R. A. Sequeira, R. K. Talsaniya, D. A. Maru, K. Moradiya, K. Prasad. Syntheses and characterization of few bio-ionic liquids comprising of cholinium cationand plant derived carboxylic acids as anions. Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 2021,



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