Plant Nanotechnology Team


dr. Dibyendu Mondal



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Research profile

The main focus of this team is to develop next generation eco-friendly and low-cost nano-formulation(s) and carry out the fundamental as well as applied research on nanotechnology-based sustainable agricultural envisaging improved plant productivity and enhanced plant protection.

  • Development and scaling-up of nano-formulation for fertilizer, disinfectants, seed coating etc. applications.
  • Sustained and controlled delivery of nano-fertilizers to plant
  • Application of OMICS, molecular and biochemical approaches to plant-nanomaterial interactions.
  • Plant growth, crop yield & quality monitoring and life cycle assessment



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Selected papers

  • R. A. Sequeira, D. Mondal*, K.Prasad. Neoteric solvents based blue biorefinery: Fuels, chemicals and functional materials from Oceanic biomass. Green Chemistry, 2021, 10.1039/D1GC03184H
  • H. M. Manohara, S. S Nayak, G. Franklin, S. K. Nataraj and D. Mondal*. Progress in marine derived renewable functional materials and biochar for sustainable water purification. Green Chemistry, 2021, 10.1039/D1GC03054J
  • H. M. Manohara, S. K. Nataraj and D. Mondal*. Bioinspired engineering protein nanofibrils-based multilayered self-cleaning membranes for universal water purification. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, Article in press (HAZMAT_127561)
  • M. Sharma, D. Mondal, R. A. Sequeira, R. K. Talsaniya, D. A. Maru, K. Moradiya, K. Prasad. Syntheses and characterization of few bio-ionic liquids comprising of cholinium cationand plant derived carboxylic acids as anions. Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 2021,



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