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Bio-Talent news
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Bio-Talent news

Poznań, 23 December 2014

Biotalent Reactivation!

We are happy to announce that the Selection Panel has chosen the ERA Chair holder, whose task is to
create the Department of Integrative Plant Biology at the Institute of Plant Genetics PAS.
The Panel has selected unanimously the Assistant Professor ROBERT MALINOWSKI, a very talented young researcher (38 years old), specializing in plant genetics, molecular and cellular mechanisms of plant growth and differentiation, signal transduction in plant development and the regulation of gene expression in plants. His research is also connected with comparative transcriptomics.

At present, Assistant Professor Malinowski is the Deputy Director for Research and the Chair of the Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology at the Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden ? Centre for Biodiversity Protection in Powsin, Warsaw. His achievements were highly evaluated by both foreign and Polish members of the Panel.

Robert Malinowski has been cooperating with Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) in Poznan, where he
gained an opinion of a wise, highly qualified researcher with outstanding ideas. His skills concern a wide
range of molecular biology and biochemistry, as well as microscopy, botany, biophysics and plant tissue
culture. His work career started at the Department of Plant Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology at
Warsaw Agricultural University. After graduation and Ph.D. defense he was a post-doc at the Department
of Biological Sciences of the University of South Carolina, USA, where he worked on activation of tomato
SR160/tBRI1 systemin/ brassinosteroid receptor (c/o Dr Johannes Stratmann). Then, he was a Research
Fellow and a Research Associate at the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of
Sheffield, UK (c/o Prof. Andrew Fleming). He used molecular tools to manipulate leaf forms and worked on
molecular mechanisms underlying disease development in Brassicas infected by clubroot (c/o Prof.
Stephen Rolfe, Prof. Julie Scholes, Prof. Andrew Fleming).
In the newly created Department, the new ERA Chair holder plans to concentrate his work on
characterization of developmental changes triggered by adverse environmental conditions and linking this
information to molecular signaling. He is also interested in plant-pathogen interactions with the aim of
understanding of developmental reprogramming of the host plant. Additionally he is interested in
evolution of organ growth in land plants.
Robert Malinowski has a substantial experience in supervising and mentoring students? experimental work
in Poland, the USA and United Kingdom. As concerns the cooperation with the industry he is currently
searching for the producers of a growth chamber developed jointly with the Institute of Electrotechnics. He is also cooperating with the Klasmann company to develop methods for the detection of Plasmodiophora brassicae in soil.
Robert Malinowski is the second excellent biologist, botanist, geneticist, plant pathologist whose roots
start at SGGW in Warsaw and lead to IPG PAS in Poznan. The first outstanding researcher with similar
specializations was Professor Edmund Malinowski (1885-1979). Over 50 years later, we have a successor
with the same surname; what a coincidence!
Dear Robert - welcome aboard. The Institute of Plant Genetics PAS will do its best to create good
conditions for the development of you talent, ideas and skills.