A series of lectures “Modern agronomy”

You are kindly invited for a series of lectures “Modern agronomy”, given by the researchers of Poznan University of Life Sciences and the specialist on digital farming of AGRII company.

Each lecture lasts ca. 90 min and starts at 9 am. The first lecture will take place on the nearest Tuesday (2 October), room no.24 Institute of Plant Genetics PAS. The objective of the course is the expand knowledge concerning the cultivation of agricultural plant species for food and energy purposes.

The list of lectures and lecturers is as follows:

  1. Biodiversity of arable fields.  Dr. hab. Robert Idziak, PULS, 2 October 2018
  2. Polish and European agricultural plants. Dr. Grażyna Szymańska, PULS, 16 October 2018
  3. Tillage systems. Dr. Tomasz Piechota, PULS, 30 October 2018
  4. Digital farming. Mgr Leszek Dryjanski, AGRII Poland Ltd. 13 November 2018
  5. Compensating factors for simplified crop rotations. Dr. hab. Leszek Majchrzak, PULS, 27 November 2018
  6. Integrated pest management. Dr. Zuzanna Sawinska, PULS, 4 December 2018
  7. Adjuvants for agrochemicals. Dr. Łukasz Sobiech, PULS, 11 December 2018
  8. Biomass and bioenergy. Dr. hab. Katarzyna Panasiewicz, PULS, 8 January 2019
  9. Seed quality assessment. Dr. hab. Katarzyna Panasiewicz, PULS, 29 January 2019

We will also organize a field visit to the Research and Education Center Gorzyń, Branch Złotniki, PULS (day and time to be announced).

The written exam for PhD students will take place in February 2019. The participation in lectures is compulsory for the PhD students of the International Doctoral Studies of the Institute of Plant Genetics PAS. The participation in the course AND passing the exam entitles to obtain 2 ECTS points.


Head of International Doctoral Studies of IPG PAS