PhD Studies

This is to inform that classes for PhD students at the Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in the academic year 2019/2020 will start on October 1, 2019 at 9:00 am.

Like in the previous year, they will be held on Tuesdays from 9:00 am and they will have the form of alternating lectures and doctoral seminars. The series of lectures in the first semester of this academic year is devoted to "Impact of climate change on agriculture - current situation and prospects for the future". The main lecturer and coordinator of the lecture series as well as examiner is Prof. Zbigniew Kundzewicz from the Institute of Agricultural and Forest Environment, Polish Academy of Sciences.
The schedule of lectures and seminars is presented at the website of the Institute in the folder "PhD Students". A written exam for PhD students will take place in January 2020. Participation in seminars and lectures is obligatory for PhD students of International Doctoral Studies of the Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences (IDS IPG PAS). The students can get 2 ECTS credits provided they pass the exam. Another 2 ECTS credits can be obtained by active participation in at least 75% of the seminars (preparing and giving presentations, taking part in the discussion). The seminars are moderated by the supervisor or the auxiliary supervisor of the PhD student.
I hope we will have an interesting and fruitful year of gaining knowledge in the discipline of "Agriculture and horticulture". I hope the PhD students of the Poznań Doctoral School of the Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences will soon join us. The administrative and scientific secretariat is provided by Ms. Magdalena Roth.
Prof. Małgorzata Jedryczka, Head of the International Doctoral Studies IPG PAS

Syllabus of a series of lectures:
Climate vs Agriculture content ENG
Climate vs Agriculture outcomes ENG