MycoRise Up! Conference

We would like to inform that the Institute has joined the group of co-organizers of the MycoRise Up! conference, which is going to be held June, 5th-7th 2020 at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. The aim of the conference is to exchange experience and development of young scientists who have a passion for science and the integration of scientific community of young researchers at early steps of their career. We invite young scientists, mainly PhD, MSc and BSc students (without restrictions on the degree and year of study) who are familiar with mycology.

The subject of the conference:

-  the biology and ecology of fungi,

-  the genetics and genomics of fungi,

-  mycotechnologist and mycoremediation,

-  taxonomy, evolution and phylogenesis of fungi,

-  the role of fungi in forestry, agriculture, health, industry and new technologies,

-  plant, animal and human diseases caused by fungi,

-  threat and protection of fungi,

-  ethnomycology and growing of mushrooms and other fungi.


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