The Charter and Code

The HR Working Group prepared a report on the Internal Gap Analysis and the Action Plan in order to incorporate the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.

Contractual and legal obligations Workshop on IPR, additional records in the contract of work Board of Directors, HR unit June 2014 PRINICIPLE: Good practice in research: Prepare instructions for securing and storing computer data by June 2014 PRINICIPLE: Good practice in research: Purchase and installation of computer external hard discs for data backups - ongoing PRINICIPLE: Dissemination, exploitation of results: Workshop on commercialisation by December 2016 PRINICIPLE: Public engagement: Enhancement of outreach activities by December 2015 PRINICIPLE: Non-discrimination: Search for funds that allow to adapt the entrance to the Institute for disabled people by December 2016 PRINICIPLE: Recruitment: Records on career development prospects- ongoing PRINICIPLE: Transparency: Prepare the procedure of giving feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of the applications to the candidates who were not appointed by December 2014 PRINICIPLE: Career development: Prepare a professional career development strategy for researchers at all stages of their careers by December 2014 PRINICIPLE: Intellectual Property Rights: Updating regulations governing benefits from results of intellectual work created at the Institute by June 2014