BIO-TALENT has been found!

We are happy to announce that on June 26, 2014, following the favorable opinion of the Committee for the Development of Human Resources, the Scientific Board of the Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences unanimously approved the selection of Professor Diego Rubiales Olmedo, as the head of the Department of Integrative Plant Biology. Prof. Rubiales is an employee of the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (CSIC) in Cordoba (Spain)

He specializes on genetics of crop resistance to biotic stresses, mainly caused by biotrophic plant pathogens such as rusts and mildews as well as broomrape (Orobanche sp.) ? chlorophyll free plant parasites. In his academic career he studied the resistance of the variety of crops, including cereals and oilseeds, but for many years he worked on legumes (Fabaceae). He has a multidisciplinary approach; he studies both plant resistance genes and the characteristics of pathogens and pathogen-plant interactions. Prof. Rubiales is the author of 240 publications in journals with Impact Factor, out of which in 122 he is the first or the corresponding author. His papers have been published in 57 titles of journals, with IF ranging from 0,38-6,74. These works were cited 3326 times (2048 excluding self-citations), Hirsch index = 31. Prof. Rubiales is also the author of 55 papers in non-indexed journals, 44 book chapters, 65 abstracts at national conferences, and 281 abstracts at international conferences. He supervised 7 master's thesis and 22 doctoral dissertations, and the next 5 Ph.D. thesis is close to completion. Prof. Rubiales was the coordinator of 4 international projects, COST Action and work packages in five other international research projects. Moreover, he was the head of 23 national projects. He is a mobile researcher, after his doctorate he spent abroad almost three years, mainly in the Netherlands (Wageningen Agricultural University) and the UK (Plant Breeding International - Cambridge, Cambridge Laboratory, John Innes Centre - Norwich, Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research - Aberyswyth) . Prof. Diego Rubiales is the co-author of 5 varieties of peas and beans resistant to broomrape (Orobanche sp.), rust (Uromyces sp.) and powdery mildew (Erysiphe sp.) He coordinated 6 Spanish projects in this area, funded by breeding companies Agrovegetal and Syngenta. Three of these projects were related to the transfer of scientific knowledge to industry. Moreover, Prof. Rubiales was in charge of 2 international projects (with Australia and Norway) and cooperated with numerous industrial partners in international projects under his coordination. Thanks to these contacts he was the supervisor of the industrial doctorate in biotechnological company GENX-PRO GmbH. The Candidate seems to be a pragmatic person, modest in spite of his big scientific achievements, open to new challenges and willing to cooperate with teams of IPG PAS. We hope that his activity will stimulate us to even more intensive research work with the use of modern methods.