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  • PhD students wanted
    The Director announces an open call for 4 PhD positions at the Department of Genomics [2 positions] and at the Department of Integrative Plant Biology [2 positions].
  • Innovation broker
    We would like to inform that Aleksandra Kempińska, MSc has been selected for the position of the innovation broker. You can reach her at akem@igr.poznan.pl or [61] 65 50 228.
  • NCN projects OPUS and PRELUDIUM granted
    Congratulations to dr Lidia Błaszczyk (OPUS) and Aneta Basińska (PRELUDIUM), Dept of Pathogen Genetics and Plant Resistance and dr William Truman (OPUS), Dept of Integrative Plant Biology!
Najnowsze Publikacje []
  • Low-temperature leaf photosynthesis of a Miscanthus germplasm collection correlates positively to shoot growth rate and specific leaf area.
    Jiao X., Kørup K., Andersen N.M., Petersen K.K., Prade T., Jeżowski S., Ornatowski Sz., Górynowicz B., Spitz I., Lærke P.E., Jørgensen U. (2016). Annals of Botany . 117 (7): 1129-1139.
  • Mycotoxins and related Fusarium species in preharvest maize ear rot in Poland.
    Gromadzka K., Górna K., Chełkowski J., Waśkiewicz A. (2016). Plant, Soil and Environment . 62(8): 348-354.. DOI: 10.17221/119/2016-PSE
    Research Gate
  • Curcumin Encapsulated into Methoxy Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Poly(ε-Caprolactone) Nanoparticles Increases Cellular Uptake and Neuroprotective Effect in Glioma Cells.
    Marslin G., Sarmento B.F.C.C., Franklin G., Martins J.A.R., Silva C.J.R., Gomes A.F.C., Sárria M.P., Coutinho O.M.F.P., Dias A.C.P. (2016). Planta Medica . 82: 1-11. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1055/s-0042-112030

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