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  • PhD students wanted
    The Director announces an open call for 4 PhD positions at the Department of Genomics [2 positions] and at the Department of Integrative Plant Biology [2 positions].
  • Innovation broker
    We would like to inform that Aleksandra Kempińska, MSc has been selected for the position of the innovation broker. You can reach her at akem@igr.poznan.pl or [61] 65 50 228.
  • NCN projects OPUS and PRELUDIUM granted
    Congratulations to dr Lidia Błaszczyk (OPUS) and Aneta Basińska (PRELUDIUM), Dept of Pathogen Genetics and Plant Resistance and dr William Truman (OPUS), Dept of Integrative Plant Biology!
Najnowsze Publikacje []
  • Genome-wide identification, characterisation and expression profiles of calcium-dependent protein kinase genes in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.).
    Fedorowicz-Strońska O., Koczyk G., Kaczmarek M., Krajewski P., Sadowski J. (2016). Journal of Applied Genetics. DOI: 10.1007/s13353-016-0357-2
    Research Gate
  • Quantitative trait loci for plant height in Maresi × CamB barley population and their associations with yield-related traits under different water regimes.
    Mikołajczak K., Kuczyńska A., Krajewski P., Sawikowska A., Surma M., Ogrodowicz P., Adamski T., Krystkowiak K., Górny A.G., Kempa M., Szarejko I., Guzy-Wróbelska J., Gudyś K. (2016). Journal of Applied Genetics. DOI: 10.1007/s13353-016-0358-1
    Research Gate
  • The loss of vernalization requirement in narrow-leafed lupin is associated with a deletion in the promoter and de-repressed expression of a Flowering Locus T (FT) homologue.
    Nelson M.N., Książkiewicz M., Rychel S., Besharat N., Taylor C., Wyrwa K., Jost R., Erskine W., Cowling W., Berger J.D., Batley J., Weller J., Naganowska B., Wolko B. (2016). New Phytologist. DOI: 10.1111/nph.14094
    Research Gate

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