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  • Doctoral seminar, 14 Jan.2019, at 9:00 a.m.
    Ramzi Noor, MSc - "Search for sources od resistance to clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae)".
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  • ERA Chair holder wanted!
    We are looking for a dynamic scientist, who would create and head an interdisciplinary and international department in the area of plant nanotechnology at the IPG PAS in the framework of the H2020 ERA Chair NANOPLANT project GA856961 funded by the EU. The successful candidate will have a fixed term full-time employment contract at the IPG-PAS. Duties include but not limited to create a research team, raise funds for research and infrastructure, exploit synergy with existing teams, develop an innovative research profile, develop national and international collaboration, disseminate research results by high quality publications, participate in conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Professor Paweł Krajewski appointed new Director of IPG PAS
    On 6th December 2019, the Competition Commission for the competition for the position of the Director of the Institute of Plant Genetics PAS in Poznań selected the candidacy of professor Paweł Krajewski for the position of the Director of the Institute of Plant Genetics PAS in Poznań.
  • 9th EUCARPIA Festulolium Working Group Workshop
    We are pleased to invite you to participate in the international scientific workshop: „9th EUCARPIA Festulolium Working Group Workshop” organized by the Institute of Plant Genetics PAS in Poznań on the 24-25 September 2020. More information in the attachments.
Najnowsze Publikacje [all]
  • Simultaneous determination of naphtodianthrones, emodin, skyrin and new bisanthrones in Hypericum perforatum L. in vitro shoot cultures
    Matam P., Kachlicki P., Gregory F. (2020). Industrial Crops and Products. 144: DOI: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2019.112003
  • The Effect of Chemical Composition of Wild Opuntia Ficus IndicaByproducts on its Nutritional Quality, Antioxidant and Antifungal Efficacy
    Abdel-Razek A.G., Shehata M.G., Badr A.N., Gromadzka K., Stępień Ł. (2019). Egyptian Journal of Chemistry. 62 (Special Issue Part 1): 47-61.
    Research Gate
  • Parenteral–Oral Immunization with Plant-Derived HBcAg as a Potential Therapeutic Vaccine against Chronic Hepatitis B.
    Pyrski M., Mieloch A.A., Plewiński A., Basińska-Barczak A., Gryciuk A., Bociąg P., Murias M., Rybka J.D., Pniewski T. (2019). Vaccines . 7(4): DOI: 10.3390/vaccines7040211
    Research Gate

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