Academic Year 2017/2018

Semester II
APRIL - MAY 2018


18 April:

  • presentations of 3 PhD students from Scottlands Rural University College (SRUC) Edinburgh, UK) and a seminar by Dr Neil Havis (SRUC) "The Ramularia genome and molecular changes in host and pathogen during the infection process".

23 April:

  • seminar by Prof. Stephen Long "Engineering photosynthesis for global food security – why, how and will you let me do it?".

25 April:

  • presentation of M.Sc. thesis by Qaisar Maqbool "Synthesis, Characterization and Biotechnological Application of Biocompatible Nanostructures".

9 May:

  • presentations of M.Sc. thesis by Maria Nuc "Plünnecke-Ruzsa inequality" and Michał Kawaliło "Indentification of the HvSTE1, HvDWARF5 and HvDET2 genomic sequences responsible for brassinosteroid biosynthesis in Hordeum vulgare L. and their functional analysis using selected mutants".

23 May:

  • presentation of results of PhD research by Carolina Gomez.