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Journal of Applied Genetics

Journal of Applied Genetics

The journal was founded in 1960 on the initiative of prof. Stefan Barbacki under the name Genetica Polonica. The editors-in-chief were: prof. Stefan Barbacki (1960-1979), prof. Tadeusz Ruebenbauer (1980-1991), prof. Zygmunt Kaczmarek (1992-2000) and prof. Marek Świtoński (2000-2022). Since 2023, the editor-in-chief is prof. Łukasz Stępień (IGR PAN).

JAG publishes original research papers, short communications and review articles focused on applied research on all aspects of plant, human, animal and microbial genetics and genomics. It is indexed by Web of Science, Scopus and other bibliographic systems.

Articles may be published as Open Access under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Since 2011, the publisher of JAG is the Springer platform. Articles published since 2006 are available on the publisher's website:

Journal of Applied Genetics on Springer

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