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Semestr II


This is to inform you that because of the pandemic situation the statistical workshops by prof. Idzi Siatkowski as well as CRISPR workshops by dr Weronika Sura have been cancelled until further notice

Specialist classes:

"Statistical methods for experimental data"

Lecturer: prof. Siatkowski
Meetings: Tuesdays, 8:30 am
Place: lecture room no. 24 of the Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Strzeszyńska 34, Poznań

"CRISPR / Cas9 technology in genome editing"

Lecturer: Weronika Sura, PhD
Meetings: 16-17; 23-24; 27-28 April 2020
Place: Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Strzeszyńska 34, Poznań and Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Dojazd street 11, laboratory room number 2.09


Seminar in the second Semester: "Plant genetics" part IV
Place: lecture room no. 24 of the Institute of Plant Genetics Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Strzeszyńska 34, Poznań


PhD student’s name and topic of the seminar, supervisor(s), auxiliary supervisor, co-supervisor

3 March 2020

Katarzyna Mikołajczak - "Reaction of common wheat plant (Triticum aestivum L.) to changes in the composition of the mycobiom of their endosphere"

Supervisor: dr hab. L. Błaszczyk

Katarzyna Lechowicz - "Performance of antioxidant system under water deficit in Lolium multiflorum/Festuca arundinacea introgression forms"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. A. Kosmala
Auxiliary supervisor: dr hab. I. Pawłowicz

10 March 2020

Monika Mokrzycka - "Identification of the dependence structure for multivariate data"

Supervisor: dr hab. inż. K. Filipiak

Maria Nuc - "What is know about genomes and transcriptions of medicinal plants"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. P. Krajewski

17 March 2020


Piotr Plewiński - "Unravelling the functional mutation underlying vernalization independence in yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus L.)"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. B. Wolko/dr hab. M. Książkiewicz

Pankaj Kumar - "Understanding the Role of the WRKY Gene Family under Stress Conditions in Pea (Pisum sativum L.)"

Supervisors: prof. dr hab. W. Święcicki/dr M. Gawłowska

24 March 2020


  1. Rosalind Eggo - Epidemics and the end of humankind (TEDxThessaloniki):
  2. COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19) - February Update - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, pathology:
  3. Bill Gates (2015) - The next outbreak? We’re not ready

 On-line presentations and discussion

31 March 2020


Dariusz Kruszka - "Effects of metal nanoparticles on Hypericum perforatum cells culture secondary metabolism - untargeted and targeted approach"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. P. Kachlicki

Discussion about molecular assays to diagnose 2019-nCoV, developed by laboratories in different countries, referred by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

7 April 2020


Adriana Twardawska - "Broadening the genetic variability of triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack) species in terms of resistance to pathogenic fungi"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. H. Wiśniewska

Natalia Witaszak - "Changes of primary and secondary metabolism of Fusarium proliferatum modulated by plants' bioactive compounds"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. Ł. Stępień

Auxiliary supervisor: dr inż. J. Lalak-Kańczugowska

15 April 2020



  1.  Linyi Gao (Zhang Lab) - CRISPR basics:
  2. "Tips for researchers in home office (COVID-19)"

On-line presentations and discussion

21 April 2020


Katarzyna Czepiel - "Alkaloid genes expression analysis in lupin plants under biotic stresses"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. W. Święcicki/dr M. Kroc

Pradeep Matam - "Towards understanding the hypericin biosynthesis pathway"

Supervisor: dr hab. F. Gregory

28 April 2020


”How To Write A Literature Review”

"How To Write A Literature Review In 3 Steps (Full Tutorial)"

On-line presentations and discussion

5 May 2020


Michał Kempa - "Expression of the ns-LTP2 gene in relation to lipidome and phenome in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) under abiotic stresses"

Supervisor: dr hab. A. Kuczyńska
Auxiliary supervisor: dr K. Mikołajczak

Prof. Hannah Bradby (Uppsala University) - Social costs of COVID-19 lockdown & social dista:

Prof. Sam Frankhauser (Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics) and Dr Charles Donovan (Director, Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College Business School) - COVID-19 & climate change: economic solutions:

On-line presentations and discussion

12 May 2020


Dr Susan McConnell (Stanford) - "Designing effective scientific presentations":

On-line presentations and discussion

19 May 2020


Noor Ramzi - "Microorganisms accompanying Plasmodiophora brassicae in the soil"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. M. Jędryczka
Auxiliary supervisor: dr J. Kaczmarek

Fatema Bakro - "Impact of the fertilization on the content of terpenes and CBD in hemp leaves Cannabis sativa L."

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. M. Jędryczka,
Co-supervisor: dr V. Cardenia,
Auxiliary supervisor: dr K. Wielgusz

26 May 2020


Philip Benfey (Duke, HHMI):

1. Introduction to Root Genetics:
2. Root Form and Function:

On-line presentations and discussion

2 June 2020


Lakshmipriya Perincherry - "Lytic enzyme activities in mycotoxigenic Fusarium spp."

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. Ł. Stępień
Auxiliary supervisor:  dr inż. J. Lalak-Kańczugowska

Dr Sheng-Yang He (Michigan State U. and HHMI), Part 2: Arabidopsis thaliana-Pseudomonas syringae interaction: The effect of climate in plant disease:


On-line presentations and discussion

9 June 2020


Natalia Żyła - "CRISPR / Cas9 in the controlled mutagenesis of duplicated BnaHB6 genes in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)"

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. A. Kosmala/dr D. Babula-Skowrońska

Eric Chow (Univ. of California, San Francisco) -Next Generation Sequencing 1: Overview:


 On-line presentations and discussion


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