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Semestr I
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Semestr I

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Wykład monograficzny w j. angielskim: "Modern agronomy"[Nowoczesne rolnictwo] 

Spotkania: wtorek 9:00-10:30
Sala wykładowa nr 24 Instytutu Genetyki Roślin Polskiej Akademii Nauk, ul. Strzeszyńska 34, Poznań



2 October

Biodiversity of arable fields

Dr hab. Robert Idziak

16 October

Polish and European agricultural plants

Dr Grażyna Szymańska

30 October

Compensating factors for simplified crop rotations

Dr hab. Leszek Majchrzak

13 November

Tillage systems

Dr Tomasz Piechota

13 November


Field visit at the Research and Education Branch Złotniki

Dr Tomasz Piechota

27 November

Digital farming

Mgr Leszek Dryjanski

4 December

Integrated pest management

Dr Zuzanna Sawinska

11 December

Adjuvants for Agrochemicals

Dr Łukasz Sobiech

8 January 2019

Biomass and bioenergy

Dr hab. Katarzyna Panasiewicz

29 January 2019

Seed quality assessment

Dr hab. Katarzyna Panasiewicz

14 February 2019

Written exam        


Seminaria doktoranckie w pierwszm semestrze: "Genetyka roślin"

Spotkania: wtorek 9:00-10:00
Sala wykładowa nr 24 Instytutu Genetyki Roślin Polskiej Akademii Nauk, ul. Strzeszyńska 34, Poznań


PhD student’s name and topic of the seminar

9 October

Preeti Shakya

Antimicrobial activity in Hypericum perforatum-Agrobacterium interaction

(presentation for the opening of the PhD procedure)

23 October

Pradeep Matam

Studies on reporter gene expression by the promoter of coffee theobromine synthase in tobacco   (M.Sc. Thesis)

Katarzyna Mikołajczak

Fungal endophytes colonizing wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

(M. Sc. Thesis)

6 November

Lakshmipriya Perincherry

Piriformospora indica, a cultivable endophyte for disease suppression and growth promotion in taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott.

(M.Sc. Thesis)

Maciej Majka

Improvement of triticale with Aegilops tauschii chromatin

20 November

Aria Dolatabadian

Resistance genes structural variation in Brassica napus 

Anna Kwasizur (Lawyer of IPG PAS)

Regulations for PhD studies and PhD procedures in Act 2.0 (Ustawa 2.0) - the new legal rules in Poland, valid from 1 October 2018


Meeting of foreign PhD students and young researchers with the Board of Directors and HR logo Working Group

6 December

Zahra Gharari

Tissue culture, hairy root induction and the influence of elicitation on flavonoid production in transformed Scutellaria bornmuelleri hairy roots

Marcin Pyrski

Virus-like particles produced in plants as a component of vaccines and bionanoparticles

15 January 2019

Katarzyna Czepiel

Expression profiles of genes involved in quinolizidine alkaloid biosynthesis in different plant organs of narrowed-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.)

Joanna Majka

Cytomolecular insight into genomes of Festuca pratensis and F. pratensis x Lolium perenne hybrids

22 January 2019

Adriana Twardawska 

Impact of hormones on the root phenotype of ftsh4 mutants from elevated temperature of growth

to be announced   


5 February 2019

Urszula Talar

Natalia Żyła

12 February 2019

Monika Urbańska

Wojciech Bielski

The puzzling fate of lupin chromosomes

19 February 2019

Katarzyna Masajada

Karolina Sobańska

Biolistic transformation of Miscanthus sinensis and Miscanthus x giganteus - present status and future perspective

26 February 2019

to be announced 


to be announced