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The BIO-TALENT project was developed to respond to the Europe 2020 Strategy, particularly "Innovation Union" and "Youth on the move" initiatives, and to enhance IPG PAS collaborative capacity and visibility within the European Research Area.
The overriding idea of this BIO-TALENT project is to strengthen the research potential of the Institute of Plant Genetics, PAS through the establishment of a new, interdisciplinary Integrative Plant Biology Department comprising an international team and headed by a leading researcher (ERA Chair holder) and, thus, the integration with the European Research Area.

The main goal of the project will be achieved by the following measures:
  • the establishment of the international ERA Chair team; 
  • the organisation of an international conference as well as workshops with experts from the leading EU research teams working in the areas mentioned above; 
  • a series of lectures for PhD students and young researchers given by the EU experts and top Polish scientists; 
  • the organisation of practical courses for young researchers and PhD students; 
  • exchange of experience and updated knowledge and know-how; 
  • transfer of knowledge and technology; 
  • peer learning and co-creation of knowledge; 
  • cooperation between scientists, extension services and industry; 
  • organisation of discussion meetings for a wide spectrum of stakeholders; 
  • promotion of the IPG PAS in the international arena; 
  • the implementation of the ERA principles.

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