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Dibyendu Mondal, PhD



Leonard Kiirika, PhD (senior researcher - 02)
Veeresh Lokesh, PhD (postdoc)
Matam Pradeep, PhD (postdoc)
Sagar Biswas, PhD (postdoc)
Lakshmipathy Muthukrishnan, PhD (postdoc)
Megha Saxena, PhD (postdoc) 
Gabriela Majchrzak, MSc (lab Manager)
Joanna Dutkiewicz, MSc (innovation specialist)
Tadeusz Mirski, MSc (PR specialist)
Anna Pshenychna


Research profile

The main focus of this team is to develop next generation eco-friendly and low-cost nano-formulation(s) and carry out the fundamental as well as applied research on nanotechnology-based sustainable agricultural envisaging improved plant productivity and enhanced plant protection.



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Selected papers



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