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Semester II

Timetable March 2022 – June 2022 r . 
Monographic lecture:
"Functioning of plant genomes in relation to the environment – part II"
Coordinator: dr hab. Lidia Błaszczyk, prof. IGR PAN
Meetings: Tuesdays, 9:00 am
Place: lecture - ZOOM platform

Seminar "Plant genetics" part VIII
Place: lecture - ZOOM platform


PhD student’s name and topic of the seminar

 8 March 2022



12:00 noon


Dr Cholani Weebadde - "How can a plant breeder change the world?"

Dr Cholani Weebadde - Michigan State University

 22 March 2022

ZOOM platform

Natalia Żyła - „Differential response of BnaHB6 paralogs to various abiotic stresses in Brassica napus

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. A. Kosmala/dr D. Babula-Skowrońska

Michał Kempa - „Effects of multiple abiotic stresses on metabolome changes in barley

Supervisor: dr hab. A. Kuczyńska

Assistant supervisor: dr K. Mikołajczak

 5 April 2022

ZOOM platform

Pankaj Kumar - Progress report presentation on the Development of CRISPR cas9 Genome Editingin in Pea

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. W. Święcicki

Assistant supervisor: dr M. Gawłowska

 Anna Surma - Molecular markers in plant breeding


Supervisor: dr hab. M. Książkiewicz

Assistant supervisor: dr S. Rychel-Bielska

20 April 2022

ZOOM platform

Katarzyna Czepiel - „Importance of legumes genetic resources for agrobiodiversity conservation: perspectives from the INCREASE project

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. W. Święcicki

Assistant supervisor: dr M. Kroc

RaghuGokul Reddy Koki -Maturity genes in Soybean and their importance in molecular breeding


 Supervisor: dr hab. M. Książkiewicz

Assistant supervisor: dr W. Bielski

4 May 2022

ZOOM platform

Dariusz Kruszka - Zmiany metabolomu Arabidopsis thaliana i Hypericum perforatum w odpowiedzi na oddziaływanie nanocząstek metali

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. P. Kachlicki

17 May 2022

ZOOM platform

Klaudia Gradzka - „Function of BBX22 protein in the regulation of flowering time in cultivated potato

Supervisor: dr hab. A. Kiełbowicz-Matuk

31 May 2022

ZOOM platform

Soham Mukhopadhyay - „Evaluating modes of resistance to Plasmodiophora brassicae in Arabidopsis


Supervisor: dr hab. R. Malinowski, prof. IGR PAN
Assistant supervisor: dr W. Truman

14 June 2022

ZOOM platform

Katarzyna Mikołajczak - "Reakcja pszenicy zwyczajnej (Triticum aestivum L.) na zmiany w składzie mykobiomu jej endosfery"


Supervisor: dr hab. L. Błaszczyk, prof. IGR PAN

Pradeep Matam - "Developing novel tools towards understanding the hypericin biosynthesis in Hypericum perforatum"


Supervisor: dr hab. F. Gregory, prof. IGR PAN

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